About Us

What is Looto Bazar?
Looto Bazar is more than a price comparison site. We are completely independent from the supermarkets, helping shoppers save 30% on average on each grocery shop. Our free to use site aims to help shoppers save money on their grocery shop.

We were established in 2014 and our website became online in 2018, to provide shoppers with a wealth of information to make pricing, promotion and product information as transparent as possible for shoppers. As a consumer champion we are proud to work for the customer to ensure they get the best value for their household, on each and every shop.

Why should you use Looto Bazar?
Looto Bazar are well known for regularly changing their prices making it almost impossible for shoppers to ensure they get the best value on their weekly shop. The differences in price for your favourites products can be huge and can add up to be a big saving. Looto Bazar helps you compare prices ensuring you never pay more than you have to. Our shoppers save on average 30% on every shop.