Frequently Asked questions
What is Looto Bazar?

Looto Bazar is more than a price comparison site. We are completely independent from the supermarkets, assisting buyers to save 30% as an average on each grocery shop. Our absolutely free website, aims to support consumers for saving amount on their grocery purchase.

We were established in the year 2014 and our website become online in 2018, to provide consumers a wealth of information to make pricing, promotion and product information as transparent as possible for buyers. As a consumer champion we are proud to work for the consumers to ensure they get the best value for their household, on each and every shop.

Why should you use Looto Bazar?

Looto Bazar is well known for regularly updating their prices, making it almost possible for clients to ensure they get the best value on their weekly household purchase. The differences in price for your favorites products can be huge and can add up to a big saving. Looto Bazar assist you in comparing prices, ensuring you to never pay more than you have to. Our buyers save an average of 30% on every purchase.

How does Looto Bazar work?

Looto Bazar collects products prices directly from the supermarkets / Famous Stores and we update on our website weekly basis, which means that we have all the latest prices and promotions available for your review / selection.

We also encourage different reputed Shops / Stores to publish their deals / special offers and discount on the LootoBazar website for uploading their products ABSULOTLY FREE of charge.

Just like for example you use to do with any other online supermarket, you can use our site to fill your basket with products. While you shop, we compare your basket in all the retailers and give you the option to switch your basket to the cheaper shop.

What are the benefits of using LootoBazar?

Looto Bazar assist buyers to save an average 30% of goods cost on their grocery items by comparing thousands of products and suggesting for cheaper alternatives. We are an impartial, free to use comparison website to find the best online deals, offers and vouchers.

What is wish List? Howe does it work?
  1. Wish list provide quick notifications about different promotions on selected items. Add items on the wish list and get periodic email notifications when there is any offer on any wish list item with configured discount level.
  2. You can configure your own notification settings for specific discount levels. e.g. Send me email when there is 20% discount offer on Milk Powder.
What is Shopping List?

Shopping list provides you quick choice of the best store as per your shopping list. Top four stores will be displayed. You may select any other store using the drop-down menu above to compare the prices.

Advertise with LootoBazar

Being an independent shopping and product price comparison website, Looto Bazar provides highly effective advertising and sponsorship opportunities to approach your targeted viewers / audience.

Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, influence purchasing decisions or simply drive sales, Looto Bazar will deliver the bottom line on your advertising investment.

To enquire about our advertising packages, please contact: [email protected]